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LuminusMu Server Rules!

Read carefully the rules of the server ! There will be no mercy for nobody!

1.Keep your password safe,put a intricate passwords and don't share it with no one!

2.The heroes and the items in your account are under your responsibility!

3.Also applies to the giving of items - your doing it on your own risk!

4.You cannot ask from GM's or Admin items or any kind of benefits.

5.You cannot offense the GM's or the Admin . Respect them!!

6.You don't have the right to use hacks,patches or any other programs (bugs) that makes your game easier.

7.You don't have the right to advertisement other servers , forums and any others.

9.You cannot impersonate yourself for GM or Admin.

10.You dont have the right to cheat on your guild members.

11.You cannot kill on event(except on PK).

12.You cannot swear anybody.

Gm's or Admins don't have the right to ask your passwords or killing you with no reasons ! Forbidden are trade deception, make screenshots every time when you make deals.

Server Info
Server Name: Mu 97d
Server Version: 97D+99I
Experience: 10x
Drop Rate: 25%
Total Accounts: 1
Total Characters: 2
Total Guilds: 1
Online Users: 1 / 100
Server Status:
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