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Marriage - In the game you can marry with another man or women. Of course to get marry can only women(ELF) and man(BK,MG,SM). How to do this read below.

* First you must go to Davias church.
* Second you must stand in these coordinates
Husband - 209 16
Wife - 210 16

/marry Name - Married question.
/accept - Married accept.
/divorce Name - To get divorces.
/tracemarry - Trace the married person.
/marrystatus - Married status.

Happily married

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Server Name: Mu 97d
Server Version: 97D+99I
Experience: 10x
Drop Rate: 25%
Total Accounts: 1
Total Characters: 2
Total Guilds: 1
Online Users: 1 / 100
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